Houstonians declare “No war on Iran!

Houstonians declare no war on Iran

By James Harrington

HOUSTON-On February 4, 2012, we had a wonderful turnout of about one hundred and fifty people
for our No War On Iran rally, which was held in Houston at the intersection of
Westhiemer & Post Oak.

We had people holding signs on all four corners of Westhiemer & Post Oak which was great!

There were many people there, including several Iranian families. There were young and old alike in attendance
many of whom brought their homemade signs.

We also had an open mike for anyone to use!

There were a lot of photographers present.

It had rained cats & dogs all over Houston all day Saturday.

We were grateful that there was no rain during the time the rally was scheduled which was from 3:30pm – 5:30pm.

Houstonians don't want war with Iran!

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  1. hi peace lovers,
    thank you for standing up for peace and agaist the warmongers before they start it.
    we need that $800.000,000,000 military budget spend here for food, medicine, education, schools, roads,
    thank you again

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