Imperialist powers threaten peace in the Middle East

Statement of the World Peace Council

The World Peace Council publicly voices its concern with the serious threats of imperialism to peace in the Middle East, once more a theatre of competition and rivalries between the imperialist powers.

A few months after the aggression by imperialism and its war machine NATO, against the Libyan people and territory, the major imperialist powers orchestrate new belligerent adventures in the Middle East.

The United States of America and European Union, accompanied by Israel and the Gulf monarchies, plan moves, create pretexts, generate internal interference, set on de-stabilizing the countries in the region that do not fit into their plans and interests. Their current targets are Syria and Iran. The general plan is NATO’s “Great Middle East” aiming at the control of energy resources and pipelines as well as markets for the multinational corporations and spheres of influence.

In Syria they repeat the methods used against Libya: sabotaging infrastructure, backing terrorist acts, infiltrating mercenaries and smuggling weapons into the country. The objective is to create instability and chaos, in order to justify foreign intervention. USA and EU use front men in the region, the Gulf monarchies, to impose sanctions through the Arab League along with the government of Turkey whoh harbours the so-called opposition in order to bring the matter of Syria to the Security Council, an antechamber for military action.

The Arab League resolutions constitute interference into Syria’s internal affairs. They violate the rules of this regional entity and further discredit it.

Another major source of concern is the deployment of large number of US troops into the Persian Gulf region, and Israel’s provocation against Iran. The unilateral measures of embargoes and economical sanctions, put forth by the US and the EU violate repeatedly the UN Charter.

We take note of the imperialist powers complicit silence towards the selective murder of Iranian scientists by Israel’s secret service, with evident US approval. Crimes against science are crimes against humanity.

We express our support to the complex struggle of the Iranian people for peace, democracy and social justice and reject any interference in the internal affairs of Iran under any pretext. ( We state once more the inalienable right of every nation to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.)

We defend the elimination of all existing nuclear weapons, starting with those of the big powers; the creation of a nuclear free zone in the Middle East, fulfilling the resolutions of the last Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review.

The opting for weapon diplomacy, with air craft carriers, has grievous consequences, intensifying the conflicts in this already tense Middle East region.

We support the genuine and peaceful social, political and economic demands of the Syrian people but we state once again that no power has the right to decide for another people or nation. Mankind cannot tolerate foreign interference into the internal disputes of a people. The sovereignty of a country is the sole responsibility of each people.

We support the struggle of the Palestinian people to achieve their independent state within the borders of June 4th 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, solving the issue of Palestinian refugees onthe basis of the resolution 194 of UN, stopping all settlement activities in the Palestinian territories, releasing all the Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons, ending the unjust siege of Gaza strip from Israeli side , as well as the right of the Palestinian state to be a full member of the United Nations.

We call on the attention of the world, of the forces that defend peace, sovereignty and self determination to these serious events. In doing so we express our solidarity with the Syrian and Iranian peoples, victims of sordid actions of destabilization, and at the same time condemn this criminal aggressions.

The democratic, anti-imperialist, peace loving forces of the world should break the silence and denounce the treacherous campaigns of imperialism that pave the way to this new aggression.

We make this call at the moment that the World Peace Council is preparing to hold its World Assembly in Nepal. We commit ourselves to continue the struggle and mobilize forces worldwide in order to create the bases for a new stage of anti imperialist struggle, in the defense of peace, solidarity and the self-determination of peoples.

We are confident that with the people’s struggle peace will prevail!

World Peace Council February 7th 2012

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