No to the aggression against Libya!

Rally in front of the US Embassy in Lisbon

March 23, Wednesday, at 6 p.m.

Under the pretext and cover of a «humanitarian intervention», we are confronted with yet another war of aggression and conquer by the USA and its allies in NATO and in the region, with the go-ahead from the United Nations Security Council.

As in the recent examples of the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan, once again the true motive for this intervention is the control of natural resources and the military and political domination of the region.

In a region that has been positively marked by important popular movements in the struggle for better living standards, for social and labour rights, freedom and democracy and the demand for sovereignty, asserting independence in the face of the connivance of decadent oligarchies with imperialism, the imperialist powers are seeking to continue their interference and the economic exploitation of the countries of this region by new means and resorting to violence whenever necessary. This is the nature of the sinister threat that today hangs over Libya. In the meantime, they are conspiring against the popular movements in Egypt and Tunisia and they send the military forces of the cruel Saudi dictatorship to repress the people’s revolt in Bahrein.

CPPC, reaffirming its solidarity with the Libyan people, who will be the first victim of this aggression:

– Condemns the imperialist intervention against Libya and demands an immediate end to the aggression and respect for the independence and sovereignty of this country;

– Deplores the shared responsibility of the Portuguese government – that voted in favour of the United Nations Security Council Resolution – for this aggression;

– Respecting Article 7 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and the United Nations Charter, unconditionally rejects Portugal’s participation in this aggression;

– Expresses its solidarity with the peoples of Libya and Bahrein, who are the victims of imperialist aggressions;

– Expresses its great apprehension for the repercussions which the current action will have on other peoples in the Near and Far East.

CPPC calls for a rally to repudiate the imperialist aggressions against the peoples of Libya and Bahrein and to demand peace, in front of the US Embassy in Lisbon, this Wednesday, March 23, at 6 p.m.

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation

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