Rejection to military attacks from imperialist powers against Libya

World Peace Council – WPC

Rejection to military attacks from imperialist powers against Libya

The presidency of the World Peace Council (WPC) express its outrage at the military attacks started on the afternoon of March 19 against Libya, following the adoption of UN Security Council resolution that has establishes a no-fly zone against this country in North Africa. The decision paved the way for the bombings by aircraft from countries-members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The creation of “no-fly zone” in that country is, in fact, a ruse in order to allow that the imperialist forces can put there their hands. It is a flagrant violation against the principle of self-determination of peoples of the world, and instead to promote Peace, represents an injection of fuel into a conflicting situation.

With this decision The United States and some NATO allies intend to open the door for a military action against Libya and its people. However, there is a fear that air and naval strikes might cross the border from Libya itself, creating a regional conflict with unpredictable consequences.

The social and political movements that have been happening in countries of North Africa and the Middle East should be respected as internal processes of sovereign peoples. This is the case of Libya, where civil war underway should find its political solution within the country limits.

The decision of the UN Security Council says that will not be allowed “any kind of foreign occupation of any part of the Libyan territory”, but contradicts itself by authorizing “all necessary measures” to protect civilians allegedly threatened by armed forces of the Libyan government.

Actions in favor of any of the sides involved should be seen as invasion of an independent country. Whatever the composition of the invading forces, it is already characterized as unacceptable external interference.

It is also important to stress that the geopolitics of that region has been substantially altered, reducing in same proportion the power of U.S. imperialism in there. The intervention in Libya is therefore a way to regain lost ground in that area and install an odious political-military enclave.

We defend the sovereignty of peoples and the principle of noninterference. We call for peace!

São Paulo, Brazil March 20,2011.

Socorro Gomes
President World Peace Council – WPC

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