Second meeting of the Houston Peace Council

Please join us for the second meeting of the Houston Peace Council on March 27, Sunday at 1pm. We will meet at the West Gray Café (note change of location) located at 415 West Gray, Houston 77019 (between Montrose and Taft).

We will be making plans for the upcoming exhibition of the art work of Antonio Guerrero, who is one of the Cuban 5. We will have the art available for the month of June. We need to plan a Cuba night.

The art will be placed at the Houston Institute for Culture/East End Gallery.

I’m sure we will have a few words to say about the fourth imperialist war (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya) in 12 years which just started in Libya.

The Houston Peace Council is a new peace organization in Houston which is anti-imperialist and will seek to build broad coalitions to support peace and oppose war. It is part of a national organization, the U.S. Peace Council and an international organization, the World Peace Council. We recently voted to become part of the Houston Peace & Justice Center coalition.

Come join us for a lively discussion.

Check out our website at .

Peace & solidarity

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