ZZ believes in his prophetic abilities

By A. Shaw
Zoltan Zigedy (ZZ), in his piece titled “History Lessons,” exercises his prophetic abilities.
ZZ writes:
But Democratic Party leaders need not fear. Opportunism has become so deeply embedded in liberal politics that 87% of liberal poll respondents “could see themselves supporting Mrs. Clinton” (Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll).
To corral the rest, Democrats have Bernie Sanders. Writing in BlackAgenda Report, Bruce Dixon astutely labels Sanders the “shepherd” for the Democratic Party:
…we have seen the Bernie Sanders show before, and we know exactly how it ends. Bernie has zero likelihood of winning the Democratic nomination for president over Hillary Clinton. Bernie will lose, Hillary will win. When Bernie folds his tent in the summer of 2016, the money, the hopes and prayers, the year of activist zeal that folks put behind Bernie Sanders’ either vanishes into thin air, or directly benefits the Hillary Clinton campaign.
Apparently, ZZ has a lot of faith in a poll arranged and financed by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, two outlets of the bourgeois media that are most effective and most notorious for lying and duping workers and the middle class.
Completely separate from the lack of trustworthiness of bourgeois outlets like WSJ and NBC is the inherent unreliability of primary polls even as reported in elements of the bourgeois and proletarian media that strive to be more or less truthful.
Joseph Napolitan — a political consultant, not just a history teacher who focuses on politics — in the book Winning Elections writes :
“Be leery of primary polls. Great advances have been made in political polling in the past 20 years, but one area that remains difficult to predict is the party primary. This holds true on all levels, from presidential primaries to local elections. One reason for this is the usually low turnout in the primary.” (Rule 24, page 32, Winning Elections, Ronald Faucheaux, ed.)”
Relying on an inherently questionable primary poll produced by confirmed liars, ZZ lays out his  main thesis that Clinton corrals 87% of the liberals and Sanders corrals the remaining 13%.

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